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Castles &
Historical monuments

Around the 18th century castle, there is a forest park and gardens, some of which are listed as Historic Monuments. The 150 hectares of gardens offer a variety of places to visit, a vegetable garden, a water mirror.... and places to relax.

Built in the 15th century. Majestic and evocative, the castle is reflected in its pond and keeps the tragic memory of the bride buried alive at the foot of its walls.
Visible from the outside only, all year round.

This castle overlooks the canal and has been the home of the Rohan family for several centuries. Its gothic style and its three imposing medieval towers, its sculpted granite facade will take you back in time.

Built in the 17th century by Pierre Hureau, a royal architect, on the site of a former stronghold destroyed during the Wars of Religion by Mercoeur's troops, the castle consists of a main building flanked by two pavilions.

Comper Castle has been the scene of many battles and sieges. A strong position in Upper Brittany, it is home to the Centre de l'Imaginaire Arthurien, which organises an exhibition every year. Tales, medieval music and shows are also on offer.

Whether you are a fan of contemporary art, botany or architecture, the castle and park of Kerguéhennec reveal their natural and cultural treasures. For more information, please contact us: click here

The Manor of Bray, a former seigneury of the parish of Sixt-sur-Aff, was erected in 1583.

Proudly standing on its rocky outcrop facing the forest of Brocéliande, this is a major medieval site in the Brocéliande region.

It was burnt down in 1903 and its neo-renaissance style will not leave you indifferent. Take a break in front of its romantic silhouette by bike or on foot.

As you wander through the ancient medieval town of Montfort, pause in front of the Chapel of St. Joseph, built to replace the former parish church of St. John, destroyed in 1851.

The town of Hédé was formed, as the saying goes, in the shadow of its castle, which is mentioned as early as the 11th century.

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Photo - Cultural visits Small golden net
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Housed in the former stables of the Château de Josselin, the dolls of the De Rohan collection are presented in this private museum.

Enter an enchanting place where poetry and ecomuseum combine to give back your childish soul among this offbeat decor.

Historical museum located in the heart of the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan schools, you can discover all the events that have built France through crossed destinies.

In the heart of Brittany's greenways, Louison Bobet is a museum dedicated to the exceptional story of this champion with an impressive list of achievements.

A museum located in the park of the castle of Rochefort-en-Terre, a fantastic and imaginary world opens up to you through exhibitions, sculptures, digital works and a gallery.

The hammers are ringing again in this former village forge that has been transformed into a museum. Go back in time and discover its scenography, its exhibition and video space. Workshop led by a blacksmith during the forge demonstrations ...

In the heart of the Pays Gallo, you will find the Saint-Gonlay School House built at the beginning of the 20th century. You will discover classrooms perfectly reconstructed as they were in the 1950s.

If you are a car enthusiast, this is the museum for you. Come and discover the history of the automobile on 15,000 m² of exhibition space.

One of the most famous equestrian sites in France, the Haras National d'Hennebont offers a programme of events that will delight young and old.

Lovers of the sea, sail through the Cité de la Voile and its many activities.

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Photo - Cultural visits Small golden net
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Cultural Heritage

The richness of the historical heritage of Destination Brocéliande is not a legend! 
To take you on a journey of discovery of the ancient times of the Destination, 6 virtual visits in 3D are proposed:


- Ploërmel in the 13th century
- The Neolithic megalithic site of Monteneuf
- The Château de Comper in Concoret in the 15th century.
- Josselin in the 16th century.
- The Madeleine Priory in Malestroit in the 14th century
- The feudal mound of the Camp des Rouëts in Mohon in the 12th century.

Digital tablets are available all year round free of charge with a deposit in the Tourist Offices (reservation recommended).

For groups, there is a possibility of a virtual visit with a local guide on a large screen (group rate applied: 3.50 € / person).

Interior courtyard of the Brothers' Mother House
Built by Brother Bernardin from 1850 to 1855, the astronomical clock is located in the house of the Brothers of La Mennais.

It marks the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, sunrise and sunset, and finally, at the same time, the time in every part of the world! To this clock was added a system showing the Earth and the planets known at the time (except Neptune and Pluto) in their proper places.

An artisan watchmaker will help you discover and share his passion all year round.
Workshop for the repair of antique or modern clocks such as watches, clocks, comtoises clocks, clocks, alarm clocks...

Built at the end of the 19th century and recently renovated, the Blue Chapel (because of its blue stained glass windows) or Sainte Marie des Carmes is now an exhibition space in summer and a theatre from October to June. Open to the public from June to September.

Workshop shop showing the production of lead alloy figurines from the 1st Empire and military schools. Figurines made on site.
The manufacturer and restorer of lead soldiers moulds the pieces in a lead alloy. When the mould is removed, he trims the "body" of the figurine. He meticulously soldered the different elements (weapons, etc.) and then coloured them. He respects the accuracy of the weapons and uniforms of the period.

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Photo - Cultural visits Small golden net
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Family activities

The Pays de Ploërmel sailing club, located on the banks of the Lac au Duc in the heart of Morbihan, offers a variety of water sports activities throughout the year. Do you like kayaking, sailing, water skiing or wakeboarding? Welcome to the nautical club of Ploërmel - Taupont!

Our region has 300 km of rivers and streams! Inhabited by trout, pike-perch, perch or pike, it is impossible to leave empty-handed... The association "l'Ablette Ploërmelaise" ensures the piscicultural management of these waterways and offers various courses.

Join us at the ULM club of Brocéliande for an unforgettable trip. Your adventure will start with the discovery of the Lac au Duc and the Brocéliande forest, and then go on to visit the many castles of the department: Château de Josselin, Château du Bois de la Roche, Château de Trécesson, Château de Comper, Château de la Touche Larcher, Château de Loyat.

Open all year round.

Loyat aerodrome
Tel : 02 97 73 89 33

1 outdoor pitch in the sports complex, free access all year round. Free of charge.
1 outdoor field, at Lac au Duc (next to the campsite) with free access all year round. Free access.

In the middle of the Cô quarries, between fields and forest, Elite Paintball offers more than one hectare of paintball leisure.

Open all year round from Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm.
Package from 20€.

Elite Paintball
Carrières de Cô, 56800 PLOËRMEL

Gliding, courses, introductory and advanced courses, first flights.
Open all year round.

Loyat aerodrome
Tel: 02 97 93 00 80

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Photo - Cultural visits Small golden net
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Small towns
of character

This small Morbihan town is located at the confluence of the Oust and the Nantes-Brest Canal. A town of character once surrounded by 900 metres of walls, only a few remains of these fortifications remain, of which the Porte Saint Michel is the emblem. 

Its history resembles those of rural communes in Brittany. Nevertheless, certain features of its granite architectural heritage give the town a small urban look which is similar to that generated by the textile prosperity in the towns.

- Museum of a Scrap Metal Poet
- Insectarium
- Painting exhibition
- The House of Clowns
- Ecomuseum of old trades and objects

One of the most beautiful "Small towns of character" in Brittany. Come and meet passionate men and women who will share their art and know-how with you.

Medieval city walls with historical sites and monuments

 The must-haves:
- Vallon de la chambre au Loup with its small canyon-like appearance
- The lake of Trémelin in the heart of 220 ha of forest
- The Boutavent estate and its mysterious stones
- The Careil bird sanctuary
- School house from the 1950s
- The motte and the medieval garden of Bédée
- Interpretation trails
- L'aparté, a place for contemporary art
- Geocaching, a modern day treasure hunt

From the church on the upper part of the town to the port, many narrow streets invite you to discover the old quarters. Behind the elaborate porches are hidden art workshops and beautiful surprises such as the Vilaine Maritime Museum in the Basses-Fosses castle. It overlooks the port of Rhodoir and its old sailing ships. The view of the city from the founding river is even more striking.

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