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On the banks of the river Oust, Josselin is classified as a "Petite Cité de Caractère".

Owned by the Rohan family, one of the oldest families in Brittany, it is the symbol of this pretty town. Plan to spend half a day strolling through the charming streets of this small town full of character and visit its basilica. On the banks of the river Oust, Josselin is an important stage on the route of the Dukes. The history of the town is closely linked to that of its castle which dominates the town. This flamboyant gothic style castle is a very interesting example of feudal and Renaissance architecture. Founded at the beginning of the 11th century, it is still inhabited today by the descendants of its founders, the Rohan family.

The castle and its gardens are open all year round for group visits, by reservation.

Not to be missed! Medieval Festival of Josselin
Only EVERY 2 YEARS! Single day on 14 July
Street entertainment and the large medieval market will once again be held in the streets of the city centre. Don't miss it!

Musicians, jugglers, acrobats, fantastic creatures, magicians, falconers, animals, chivalry tournaments, archers, camps, choirs, dancers... And more than 1000 people in costume!

=> Come and discover the  Festival programmes

The Centre de l'Imaginaire Arthurien awaits you in the forest of Broceliande to tell you about the deeds of King Arthur and his knights.

Contemplate the wonders of the Other World and the monsters that lurk there in the exhibitions of Comper Castle and the Little House of Legends. And set out on the paths of the legendary Broceliande forest, where a storyteller-guide will tell you about its past, which oscillates between myths and history

CHATEAU DE COMPER : The Château de Comper and its park, a real natural treasure of Comper, stretches along the banks of Lake Viviane. Numerous species of trees and plants have taken up residence in this still wild setting, transforming it into the quintessence of Brocéliande.

Founded in the 13th century, this building conceals two of the main treasures of the site: the Centre de l'Imaginaire Arthurien, which has turned its rooms into an exhibition space devoted to the knights of the Round Table, and the Comper park, which stretches along the banks of Lake Viviane. Several times a year, Comper Castle becomes the scene of events organised by the Arthurian Centre. On the programme: tales, medieval music, knights, shows and puppets, and much more!

Alternating moorland and forest landscapes, you can enjoy the open panorama of Viviane's pond, its remarkable listed trees, including the famous Merlin oak, or its avenue planted with hundred-year-old yews. The more curious can push on to the edge of the lake where a strange instrument sings bewitching melodies with the wind: an aeolian harp.

Programming of the Centre de l'Imaginaire

It touches on the forest of Paimpont, which has been likened to the legendary forest of Broceliande. The proximity of a popular site in this forest, the Valley of No Return (which owes its name to the fairy Morgan), has made it a popular tourist destination. Tréhorenteuc is surrounded by moorland and the hills of the Val sans retour, the highest of which rise to 240 and 256 metres. The red shale stones typical of this region of Brittany are found in abundance, particularly at the quarry located at the place called la Troche.

Fôret du Val Sans retour and L'Arbre d'Or:
It follows on from the 1990 fire which burned nearly 400 hectares of forest. The heights of the Val sans Retour were badly affected by the fire.
A year later, an artist covered this burnt chestnut tree with real gold leaf, symbolising the fragile and precious nature of the forest and the rebirth of nature.
The memory of the courage of the firefighters is represented by the 5 blackened oaks surrounding the Golden Tree.

Cheval Brocéliande - Tréhorenteuc Equestrian Centre
By a 3 hectare pond, a ride to the legendary sites of the forest, an outing under the moon

You can consult theTréhorenteuc Tourist Office

Beyond its thousand-year-old history, the commune encompasses almost the entire Forest of Broceliande, where the adventures of the legendary heroes of the Arthurian myth are said to have taken place.

> Historical site of the Forges de Paimpont - 22 min
Discover the remains of the most important forges in Brittany over 3 centuries of metallurgical activity.

> The pond of Paimpont
This 50-hectare pond is a natural area in the department and lies at the foot of the Abbey. It is fed by numerous streams from the Haute Forêt.

> Circuit de la Grotte Notre-Dame de Paimpont: car park, footpath accessible to pushchairs, in the immediate vicinity of the Abbey of Paimpont (2 km). 4 km loop open from 1st April to 30th September.

> St Etienne Priory
On the bucolic banks of the river Oyon stands the priory of St Etienne, where you will discover the oldest chapel in Morbihan.

> The Abbey of Paimpont

Photo - Hotel Ploermel le Roi Arthur Filet dore small
Photo - Hotel Ploermel le Roi Arthur Filet dore small
Photo - Hotel Ploermel le Roi Arthur Couronne dore


The region of Monteneuf has been occupied for a very long time, as shown by the very important megalithic site, the best known of which is that of the "Pierres Droites" domain and which is probably the second largest in France after Carnac. 

The Must-Haves:
- The church of Saint Michael
- The chapel of the lower Trézon
- The Voltais castle
- The castle of Kervézec
- The Saint-Michel fountain
- The megalithic site: 420 monoliths listed and 40 menhirs surveyed and spread over 7ha

The Pays de Guer enjoys a very favourable natural environment: hiking trails, numerous sites to discover and the proximity of the Forest of Broceliande and home to the flagship of the French army: the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan military schools


In the green Aff valleyThe village asserts its character in its alignments of houses with gleaming shutters. Its dynamism has blossomed with the activity of Yves Rocher. Sensitive to plants and nature, this great name in cosmetics has created production sites and a botanical garden. Large natural site" The "Ile-aux-Pies" reveals amazing steep hillsides, suitable for climbing.

With the most beautiful beaches in Brittany
and the Islands of Brittany

The famous city of Vannes, located at the bottom of the Morbihan, is certainly one of the French cities that has best preserved its medieval aspect. Three quarters of its ramparts have been preserved, and are today highlighted, as is the case with the fortified part located opposite the French garden of the ramparts. Until 1785, the city walls of Vannes were equipped with a fortress housing the residence of the Dukes of Brittany from the 14th to 18th centuries.

Push the door open and discover the rich history of the city of Redon The St Sauveur abbey, the old port area, the timber-framed houses

Photo - Hotel Ploermel le Roi Arthur Filet dore small
Photo - Hotel Ploermel le Roi Arthur Filet dore small
Photo - Hotel Ploermel le Roi Arthur Couronne dore

Legendary sites
in the heart of Brocéliande

Legend has it that this mysterious valley, located a stone's throw from the town of Tréhorenteuc, is the domain of the fairy Morgane, sister of King Arthur. She, betrayed by her lover, is said to have cast a spell over this valley: all men who are unfaithful in thought or deed will henceforth remain prisoners here...

But also, discover a thousand-year-old art, the falcon trainingA unique site in Brittany at Beignon only 18 minutes from Domaine le Roi Arthur : Slideshow presentation

The Fountain of Barenton is one of the most famous legendary sites in the Forest of Broceliande. Next to it is a flat stone, the former cover of the fountain. This flat stone is nicknamed "Merlin's stoop" or "Barenton's stoop". It is said that you can make a wish in it and if the fountain instantly bubbles, your wish will be granted...

Also called "Tomb of the DruidsThe Hôtié de Viviane, situated above the Val sans Retour, reaches an altitude of 191m.

This tomb was built from 4 menhirs that stood in this place around 2200 BC.

The Monks' Garden is a megalithic siteIt is believed to be an ancient Neolithic mound. Discover its legend...

Originally, Merlin's tomb is a covered walkway 12m long dating from the Neolithic period. This site is said to be the place where Viviane, Merlin's beauty, decided to lock it in a prison of airso that he may remain by her side forever, in Broceliande...

A few steps away from Merlin's Tomb, this small fountain has marvellous virtues... It offers to all persons respecting some conditions, a eternal youth !


The Guillotine Oak, also called Eon OakThis is a hollow oak tree, over 1000 years old, measuring 9.65m in circumference and 20m in height.
This classified tree Remarkable tree of Brittany

The Hindrés oak is one of the only sites located in the state forest. Hindrés means wet place. This tree with a large straight bole and branches that snake in a majestic way would be about 500 years old. It was the site of many druidic ceremonies. At the foot of the tree, you can see an old charcoal kiln, which was a very important activity in the Brocéliande forest.

List of all Remarkable Trees of Brittany.

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